Hot Byadgi Chilli

Hot Byadgi Chilli
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Hot Byadgi Chilli

Byadgi chilli is a famous variety of chilli mainly grown in the Indian state of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. It is named after the town of byadgi which is located in the haveri district of Karnataka.

It is longer and less pungent, but gives a very vivacious red colour to a dish. It is selectively breed for colour and flavour. They offer a glowing red colour to dishes with no imparting too much heat and making the dish more attractive and palatable. It is an unusual mix of medium hot quality Red Pepper.


  • Dabbi
  • Kaddi


  • Oil extraction
  • Less spicy
  • Less seed
  • More colour



  • Product Name: Bydagi
  • Style: Dried
  • Flavour: Less spicy
  • Appearance: Fully Wrinkled
  • Colour: Red
  • Pungency In shu: 8000 -15000 (heat)
  • Colour In a sta: 80-130 max
  • Length: 10 -12 cm
  • Breath: 1-1.5 cm
  • Capsaicin content: 0.8-1.3%
  • Skin: Thin
  • Pods with stalks: 2%maximum
  • Broken chillies: 1%max
  • Loose seed:1 % max
  • Foreign materials: 1%max
  • Damaged & discoloured: 3% max
  • Moisture: 12% max
  • Quality : A/C best
  • Harvesting period: January to May


  • 5,10,15,20,25,40 kg jute bag


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